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Science meets sport. And you never stop learning

You never stop learning. And this magazine by Equipe Enervit is truly filled with material that makes you think, especially intriguing scientific ideas. Learning what happens to our bodies when we eat, move and sleep is truly a fascinating journey. Then, if you are travelling with someone who knows their stuff, it’s even more so.

Equipe Enervit is perhaps best seen as a splendid forty something, given it was created in the middle of the lively 1970s. True to form, as a splendid forty-something, it has also learnt that form isn’t everything – you also need substance. In fairness, the team was clear about this from its origins. Dr. Paolo Sorbini, an erudite scientist, made this an essential part of the team when he conceived it all those years ago.

He wanted Equipe Enervit filled will people of knowledge – perhaps I should say, wisdom – and, one by one, he was able to find just the right people, thanks to another extraordinary man, Professor Enrico Arcelli. Or simply, Prof. Corsa – Prof. Running in English – as the many champions, even Olympic Champions, athletes and supporters would come to call him.

Luck helps…with age. I am lucky enough to be old enough to have met both of them. It was the 1980s. The go-between was the Italian Institute for Physical Education (ISEF), and I was writing my first articles about the scientifically correct approach to staying in shape. Afterwards, we all went different ways. But we never forgot our old bond.

Now, I am once again part of Equipe Enervit. The faces are (nearly) all new, but the spirit is identical. The team still delves into the mysteries of science. And I want to know where they are with all their research. Join me. At times, it might be a little tough to follow them, but believe me, it’s worth it.


Lucia Cordero